Three Reasons To Take Your Pest Control CEU Classes Online

Being a licensed pest control specialist opens doors. Many people simply won't hire a pest control professional who doesn't have an up-to-date license, and if you work for a larger business, you may be required to maintain your license to stay employed. A key part of maintaining your license is participating in regular continuing education courses. The length of time a certificate lasts depends on the state, but many states require pest control professionals to take at least two hours of annual CEU courses. Read More 

4 Fascinating Careers In Biomedical Technology

It's never too late to start the career you've always wanted. Famed fashion designer Vera Wang was 40 years old when she decided to pursue a career in fashion. Writer Harry Bernstein didn't write a bestseller until he was 96. Queen guitarist, Brian May, became an astrophysicist when he was 60. There's always an opportunity for change if you're willing to work for it (and if you put yourself in a position to catch a few lucky breaks along the way). Read More 

4 Tips That Will Get You Through Business School

When you decide to go to business school, you are taking a step forward in your career and for your future. As you plan for the future, it is important to understand that you are making choices that are going to suit you in the future. These tips will help you plan for business school in the best way possible. Pay Attention to Your Schedule You probably expect to be pretty busy when you are attending school. Read More 

Fatigued In A Nursing Position? Attend A Seminar

Thousands of people train to become nurses every year and join this force of caring lifegivers. However, even the most dedicated and professional nurse may end up getting fatigued from time to time. This problem is one that can make their career harder to handle and cause many personal conflicts that are hard to manage. Thankfully, nurse seminars can help here. Nurse Fatigue Is a Real Problem Nurses often experience many emotionally-wonderful moments, such as when one of their favorite patients is cured and able to go home. Read More